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on July 4, 2015

Dirt under my nails. Sweat on my brow. Fresh air in my lungs! I haven’t spent a day outside getting dirty in, I don’t know how long! I woke up to SUCH a beautiful day. The sun was shining already  and a breeze was blowing the sheers on our windows. It was so peaceful…. and cool! It couldn’t have been warmer than 60 degrees. We’ve been in the house about a month now and I have yet to spend a day in the garden.

Gardening with Indigo & Honey

(This was not the plan for my day off, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t put another thought into it.) I pulled out the wheel barrow, gloves and tools from the garage. We have huge drifts of ferns in our backyard along the rock wall. I couldn’t be happier that they’re there, but they needed a little TLC. It would be a crime to let them be taken over by the weeds and vines!


After a couple hours of pulling, yanking and clipping, the ferns were looking better and the black caps were practically screaming at me to pick.

If you can believe it, I had never picked black caps before. Growing up, I would turn my nose up at them because they had seeds. There’s something so therapeutic about working in your own yard and discovering new things.

I ended up with two bowls full, one for us and one for a friend. What a luxury it is to have these little goodies ready for the picking in our own backyard!


After reveling in the black caps and adding a new flower bed (photos will come later). I decided to pot up some new plants. Six to be exact. I’d say our house has really good air in it at the moment:

I bought my first plant for our apartment 4 years ago, Christmas Cactus, and I never looked back! Plants bring so much to the home. Besides purifying the air, they bring in an element of vibrancy and life. If you don’t already have a house plant or two, I highly recommend that you change that! Don’t be afraid of killing them… there are some very low-maintenance options out there. Two of my favorites (that you can literally forget about, half the time) are these. The Snake plant and the ZZ Plant. I got both at Home Depot and they started out about a third of this size:


Here are the new ones I brought in; can you tell I love ferns?

The kitchen is waiting for a few changes, but in the mean time, I’ve place a couple little plants around:

And here’s that Christmas Cactus who started my obsession 🙂

For a house with less than 1300 square feet, this may be a bit much on the plants… but they bring me happiness. Give it try! You won’t regret it. Here’s a comprehensive post all about caring for your houseplants.

I hope you find moments of calm and some simple pleasures on this holiday weekend! Take in the fireworks, have the slice of pie, whatever it is, enjoy and exhale! We all need it.

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