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Thrifted, Gifted and Found

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on January 23, 2016

I’ve teamed up with group of talented bloggers to talk to you about our most favorite pieces in our homes. If you home design and have liked my posts, then you’ll love them! (All links will appear again at the end of this post) Layla from My Sunset Avenue, Kellie from Gratefully Vintage, Jessica from Honey n’ Hydrangea, Sarah from She Holds Dearly, Keila from Home and Hydrangeas, Morgan from The White Farmhouse Blog, and Sarah from Little Vintage Nest.
These ladies have been such a joy to collaborate with. The ‘community’ of home design bloggers on Instagram has been such a wonderful surprise to me. There’s a huge sense of support and endless amounts of inspiration. If you share our love of homemaking, you should definitely explore everyone further on Instagram. Continue reading

A thoughtful dinner party

Posted in Home Decor, Lifestyle, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on January 16, 2016

Taking a little break from my usual decor posts, I thought it’d be fun to share how we like to enjoy our home and share it with others!

My mom’s birthday recently passed and we threw her a small dinner party at our house with all her favorites, as simple as they may be. We had a fire in the fireplace, candles all around and smells of a home-cooked meal in the air. Being her birthday, we of course, had to spoil her a bit as she always does us. We went with her favorite menu, a chicken dish with a lemon, shallot cream sauce, side of veggies, white wine, and her favorite “Orange Bliss Cake” for dessert. Continue reading

Elevate your space with flowers

Posted in Gardening, Home Decor
on July 31, 2015
Elevate your space with flowers

Flowers: A simple way to add life and richness to a room

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or just want a nice welcome home each day, having a couple arrangements around can really breathe life into your home and make it feel more elevated. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful effect. Some of the simplest arrangements are the most beautiful. Continue reading