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Summer Berry Fizz

Posted in Gardening, Lifestyle
on July 4, 2017
Summer Berry Fizz

Happy July 4th!

Today was the epitome of a dreamy summer day. Greg and I went kayaking down the river, fished, ate lunch on the water and enjoyed our time together in the great outdoors. We came home and saw that the black caps were ready (I’ve been checking them all week.) We have finally gotten ahead of the birds this year. (Cheers all around) Continue reading

3 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes (using things you already have)

Posted in Home Decor, Lifestyle, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on November 7, 2016
3 Holiday Tablescapes using what you already own

The holidays are such a fun time to play with menus, fashion, and home style. It’s a time to try something a little more special than your everyday and be a bit more adventurous. Having company is a great excuse to playing up your holiday table to make your guests feel welcome and special. I’ve put together 3 different looks for your Thanksgiving tablescape this season using items you probably already have in your house and a few unexpected surprises. I’m lucky enough to be doing this with a great group of bloggers again! In the Fall we brought you Decorating with Books and now we’ve joined up again to share some holiday tables with you AND to bring you into our families with some of our own families’ recipes! Welcome and enjoy! Continue reading

Classic New England Fall Porch

Posted in Gardening, Home Decor, Lifestyle
on October 10, 2016
Classic New England Fall Porch

Classic New England Fall Porch

Living in New England

Living in New England has so many wonderful advantages and right now we’re at the peak of it’s greatness! I’m talking Fall, people… yes again. As an October baby, I just can’t get enough of this season. I want to do it all, the apple and pumpkin picking, the scarf-jacket-and-boots-wearing, and the decorating! You saw how I cozied up our home in my last post and now I’m bringing you outside. It has been the perfect porch-sitting weather! Not too hot, not too cold and no humidity! Let’s take a look at our classic New England Fall porch, shall we? Continue reading

How to survive planning your first summer party

Posted in Blog, Lifestyle, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on May 21, 2016
How to survive planning your first summer party

Hey guys! Memorial Day weekend is almost here–and that means it’s picnic season! Are you ready? I wanted to share a few tips to help you get started and get inspired to host a unique party this summer. A little extra effort goes a long way to making your party and guests feel special. Let’s get started! If you’re a quick scroller–there are 4 tips and I marked them with numbers 😉 But make sure you stick around until the end for an AWESOME giveaway. I’m so excited to share it with you! Continue reading

A thoughtful dinner party

Posted in Home Decor, Lifestyle, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on January 16, 2016

Taking a little break from my usual decor posts, I thought it’d be fun to share how we like to enjoy our home and share it with others!

My mom’s birthday recently passed and we threw her a small dinner party at our house with all her favorites, as simple as they may be. We had a fire in the fireplace, candles all around and smells of a home-cooked meal in the air. Being her birthday, we of course, had to spoil her a bit as she always does us. We went with her favorite menu, a chicken dish with a lemon, shallot cream sauce, side of veggies, white wine, and her favorite “Orange Bliss Cake” for dessert. Continue reading