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Styling your home with books—A new spin on the old book cover

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on September 26, 2016
Decorating with books

Today I’m teaming up with a group of home decor bloggers to bring you our ideas for using books (vintage and new) in your decor! They’re creative ideas and posts are all linked up at the end of this post, so make sure to check them out. We all remember covering our textbooks in school with brown paper bags, right?  I wanted to bring the old-school book cover back with a twist. The technique is pretty much the same, but the materials have been upgraded and the look is more grown up. Continue reading

Make a photo mat from a snack box

Posted in Blog, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on June 20, 2016
Make a DIY Photo Mat

4 steps to a diy photo mat

The art on our walls makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. It can feel calm and soother, modern, or just plain old dated! It’s so easy to switch things up, but framing can be expensive–so work with what you have and try this trick for making your own photo mat!
Sometimes it’s the smallest items that hold the most value to us. An old photo of loved ones passed or little hand drawn pieces of art from your kids. Why not show off how important they are to you by making them the statement piece? Frame them up in a giant frame, add some drama! It’s a bit more unexpected and certainly draws people in to see what the tiny treasure is in such a big frame! Continue reading

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Let’s Get Cozy – free printable

Posted in Blog, Lifestyle
on February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!
I hope you’re all staying warm out there today (it was -13 degrees when we got up this morning)

As a thank you for your support here at Indigo & Honey and to show you all some Valentine’s Day love, I’ve made another printable for you! So here’s one that represents our mood today–but I think it’s perfect for anyone this time of year. Break out the tea and hot chocolate and let’s get cozy! Continue reading

DIY Edible Garden

Posted in Gardening, Tips, Projects & DIYs
on July 23, 2015
DIY Edible Garden

It was in the first week of living here, that my husband, who, for the remainder of this post will be referred to as ‘Farmer Greg’, worked up his plans for our soon-to-be-huge-and-amazing vegetable garden. He was really pushing for it to be about double its current size (20′ x 20′) but in the end, came to his senses. We came up with our long list of produce we wanted to grow and he mapped it all out! Picking a spot to put the garden was our next challenge. Our house sits on 2.5 acres, but only about half of that is level. There is one spot in the yard that only sees about an hour of shade each day, which we saw as ideal to plant some veggies!

Veggie Garden Tips Veggie Garden Tips Veggie Garden Tips Veggie Garden Tips

TIP: When choosing the perfect location for your garden, keep in mind that it should have enough sunlight, to be near a water source and to be protected from wind and frost.

Continue reading