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Thrifted, Gifted and Found

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on January 23, 2016

I’ve teamed up with group of talented bloggers to talk to you about our most favorite pieces in our homes. If you home design and have liked my posts, then you’ll love them! (All links will appear again at the end of this post) Layla from My Sunset Avenue, Kellie from Gratefully Vintage, Jessica from Honey n’ Hydrangea, Sarah from She Holds Dearly, Keila from Home and Hydrangeas, Morgan from The White Farmhouse Blog, and Sarah from Little Vintage Nest.
These ladies have been such a joy to collaborate with. The ‘community’ of home design bloggers on Instagram has been such a wonderful surprise to me. There’s a huge sense of support and endless amounts of inspiration. If you share our love of homemaking, you should definitely explore everyone further on Instagram. Continue reading

#FavoriteWinterDecor | 2016 Refresh

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on January 6, 2016

Today I am sharing with you a simplified, refreshed version of our home after the holidays. I was invited to join in on a Winter Home Tour along with 8 gorgeous home blogs! I have linked them all up at the end of this post so make sure to check them out! If you’re new to Indigo & Honey, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

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5 ways to love the home you have

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on October 24, 2015
how to love the home you have

1. Stop comparing your home to others.

Without a doubt, I am guilty of getting wrapped up in the comparison game. I love the world of interior design and blogging so I’m exposed to images of peoples’ gorgeous spaces all the time. After about 3 minutes scrolling through, perfect, bright, expensive-looking homes, I start thinking, “Okay, I suck. Why am I even doing this?” But that’s my first mistake! We each have a completely individual perspective which should be reflected in our homes. Why would you want to compare your home to someone else? You don’t live there, that home doesn’t look like you. Instead, choose the things you love and that you think will represent you well in your own house and be inspired (but more about that in a moment).

Comparing your home to others will never make you happy. It’s a never-ending game!

Reel it back in and have a reality check with me. If you have a home with walls and a roof, it is a huge blessing! Whether it is borrowed, bought or rented, new, old, small or big, it’s ALL wonderful! You can make it whatever you want it to be.

If you can continue to look at your home as the beautiful blessing it is, you will already be happier for it. It’s  yours to make it what you want, so force the comparisons out and don’t let them creep back in!

2. Get inspired by what you see.

Once you close the door of comparison, another door will open. The door of inspiration! Start seeing the possibilities in others’ homes and decor and let that inspire you to make small changes in your own. It’s not greedy. Do you love their paint color? The art on the walls? The mix of patterns they’ve used? Take note and try to think of ways to translate it into your space, with your own spin. And don’t try to replicate an entire room–pick out one detail at a time. This helps you to be selective about what you actually focus on.

How to love the home you have | Indigo & Honey

For example, I started noticing that some of my favorite bedrooms had something in common. They had mirrors over their nightstands.


I hadn’t done anything with ours yet and knew this would work nicely with our style. But, our master bedroom presented a unique challenge. The bed is set on a wall that can never be styled symmetrically. One side has a night stand and the other has a door that leads to our attic. We couldn’t block it, so furniture and/or a mirror were out of the question on this side. As much as I loved the look of two night stands, two lamps and two mirrors, I had to do something a bit different.

How to love the home you have | Indigo & Honey

Pictured below you’ll see my nightstand that is off set on the adjoining wall as well as the night stand that is set traditionally. The mirrors don’t match, the lamps don’t match and the tables themselves don’t match. But it works and looks nothing like my inspiration photos!

How to love the home you have | Indigo & Honey

3. Clean.

Really clean your home and see how you feel after. Take pride in it and keep it clean and tidy. Not having clutter around your living space will help you see your home for what it really is and can be. So take 10 things and donate them, throw them away or re-purpose them. At the same time, don’t strive for perfection! We all know a tidy and clean home can’t be achieved at all times. “A well-loved home will always be a bit of a beautiful mess.” (source unknown)


Ideas to help you purge: Things that used to fit your style but don’t anymore. Stuff that you have just to fill holes. If you wouldn’t buy it today.


4. Rearrange

Rearrange furniture or items on a shelf making your house feel fresh and new. Reevaluate what you’re doing in your space. Do you often feel cramped when entertaining? Maybe you need more seating options or maybe the layout needs rearranging. Also, don’t be afraid to put things away. Not everything you own has to be out. You can rotate your accessories. When you’re bored with something, switch it out with a stored item and you spend nothing!

5 ways to love the home you have

Be selective about what you display. Limit it to only the things you love. A collection that brings you joy should be out where you can see it!


5. Incorporate something living.

Yes, I’m saying it again. House plants or fresh flowers bring life to a dull space! A pot of rosemary in the kitchen or a little cactus on your desk. For a list of fool-proof and pet-safe house plants, check out house plants post.


Elevate your space with flowers

6. Bring in some light.

(Okay, so I added a 6th tip.) Do you have 3 points of light in your room? Doing this makes the room feel bigger and more grown up and gives better ambiance. You’ll literally see your space in a new light. Making and of these changes will probably lead to others 😉 Be prepared!

Spring Refresh by Indigo and Honey

I hope these tips help you to love and appreciate the home you have. It’s yours, you can and should make it anything you want. Just start! Thanks for reading; if you have any questions, leave them below!

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Spring Refresh by Indigo and Honey

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