Preparing our home for baby

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on February 19, 2018

With baby girl on the way, we’ve been shifting some things around at home. We’re not quite to the stage of baby-proofing, per se, but there are changes we’ve made to make our home a bit more family-friendly. I’m talking functionality, storage and layout. My husband and I have lived together now for about 6 years and our priority at home has always been comfort, but it’s always been the two of us. We were fine with shamelessly eating dinner at the coffee table most nights and we have always had the run of the land as far as closet space and storage. Now we’re thinking about things like, more floor space for play time, more storage for toys and swaddles, family dinner at a table, etc. I thought you might find it interesting if you’re a new mama too, or just love a good dose of home decor! This is about functionality and layout of the house, not about baby gear storage or nursery reveals… just yet.


First up, we wanted to create a space that our little girl could play freely and not need to pick up all the time. So we converted a room at the end of the hall into a playroom. It’s a shell of a space at the moment, but the dining furniture has been cleared out and we’ve laid down a soft rug and creamy window treatments. I can’t wait to play more in this room and get it ready. For now, it’s been a landing zone for baby items, etc. I’ll be sure to create a post with updated photos of this room once it’s feeling more complete!

Family dinner

Because we eliminated that space a dining room (which was quite cramped anyway) we decided to make an eat-in kitchen. As you may have seen in the past (see this post) we had a fabulous breakfast bar set up in the kitchen. My stepdad built it from some beautiful reclaimed wood. We loved it so much, we couldn’t part with it. So it became the benches of our new seating area! He dropped it down to seat-level and built cabinets below to give us a place to hide away all sorts of things. Our crockpot finally has a home 😉

Paired with these custom benches, is our new custom table! Sounds fancy, but wait till you hear! I thought a stone table top would be fabulous in our very wood-heavy kitchen. So, we shopped around and were able to find the perfect piece to make our little table. Still to come: cushions and warmth.


A bigger path

We also opened up the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, to help the small banquet area feel more airy. It also opened up the sight lines for us, as much as they could be in a cape. We love the new view from the living room! We’re awaiting light fixtures, window treatments and some finishing trim work. We also decided to go coffee-table-free in the living room. Instead there’s a soft ottoman paired with our sofa. We thought we’d appreciate having more floor space in there.

Considering storage

I know I’m soon to be drowning in toys, swaddles and…. stuff. This is why we finally bit the bullet and bought this large credenza for the living room. For a long time, I’ve wanted a larger piece for this wall, but no better motivation than a little one on the way. This hides away tv wires and gives us lots of space to stash all the toys we’ll be surrounded by soon. The design is just modern enough to freshen up our living room, but still has that natural feeling that I always crave. We lucked out and found it second-hand but you can purchase it here.

I’m also happily nesting upstairs, working on the nursery. I still have much to do, but I can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, I’m always posting home updates on my instagram account, so if you’re not following me there, you’re missing a bunch of goodies 😉


I hope you enjoyed this! I’d love to hear your tips on creating a family-friendly home, as we still have much to do. Be well!




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