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on August 16, 2015

Get inspired

Are you looking to re-do a room in your house but don’t know where to start? It’s time to get inspired! Get online, pick up a decor magazine, browse your local home decor stores. You can gather ideas from anywhere! Try to envision what your dream space would feel like. 

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I like to create Pinterest boards for the space I’m planning and pin images from all over the internet (Apartment Therapy, blogs, Houzz and Pinterest). Once you’ve collected at least a dozen images, pick out the qualities in each one that appeal to you most. Is it a paint color, a piece of furniture, a layout, a pattern, an over all feeling? Make note of these elements. Do you see some things popping up in multiple images you’ve chosen? Pay special attention to those.


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You don’t want to find an image that is EXACTLY the room you want. But you can pull a couple elements from different images. This is where you’re going to decide what you want the overall feeling of the space to be. If you can predetermine this, it will help you focus while out shopping and you will end up with a space that you’ll enjoy longer.

Notice that I said “longer” and not forever. This is important. Don’t be afraid of changing your mind and not committing to anything. Know that you will. Tastes change, lifestyles change. You will want to change it up again at some point! But if you spend a good amount of time coming up with a design that you really love, you’ll know it. Take your time. If you’re still questioning what you want, you’re probably not ready to go buy!


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Make a list of the things that would help you achieve your dream space.

Textured curtains, a large graphic area rug, a chandelier, blue arm chairs, etc. Whatever it is, be descriptive of what you really want. Then, stick to it! The trick is to not settle or get sucked in to every ‘pretty thing’ at the store.

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If you’re like me, you get inspired by elements from many different styles.

I love many things about coastal, cottage-style, farmhouse, eclectic, mid-century modern, industrial, and rustic. But finding a way to mix ALL of those into one home would be more than a challenge. So I have to focus. It can be easier to focus if you’re designing a space for more than yourself. My husband doesn’t care for mid-century modern, but loves farmhouse and rustic. Okay we’re narrowing it down! Our house is a Cape built in 1949 and we’ve kept the original floors and doors. That gives me a built in cottage feel. Great for me! The house is settled on 2.5 acres and we’re on top of a hill. It feels like we have our own little farm. That contributes to the feel of the house, before I even decorate. That helps me narrow my options. From there, I can make decisions based on what is most pleasing to us.
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Can you still have a mix? Yes, absolutely.

And you should. A house that is all themed and predictable will fall flat in the end. The trick is finding what things mix well together. Sometimes you can achieve a collected look that works by sticking to a few key colors. Love warm tones and neutrals? Go with that. Wood tones mix well with everything. So you want an eclectic mix of throw pillows in warm reds and purples? But you have a hankering for that modern rustic feel? Hunt for a cool barn wood coffee table and place your beautiful jewel toned pillows on the couch and chairs. You can pull that together with a natural fiber rug in a neutral color and some lamps with a metallic finish. It’s all about mixing it up in a way that YOU love. It’s your space. If you want an eclectic look, this works! But, make sure you keep in mind the overall feeling you want. And expect a lot of trial and error. (Keep your receipts!)

All in all, a more thought out space will feel more cohesive, more purposeful and, in the end, more expensive.

I hope you enjoyed this series! What are your favorite design tips on a budget?

Love, Brittany

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