Elevate your space with flowers

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on July 31, 2015
Elevate your space with flowers

Flowers: A simple way to add life and richness to a room

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or just want a nice welcome home each day, having a couple arrangements around can really breathe life into your home and make it feel more elevated. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful effect. Some of the simplest arrangements are the most beautiful.

Elevate your space with flowers | Indigo & Honey  Elevate your space with flowers | Indigo & Honey

Elevate your space with flowers

Fresh is ideal but…

If you have hungry pets or fresh flowers just aren’t realistic, look for some really good fake ones! It can be a challenge, but be patient and don’t settle! HomeGoods, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are great places to search. Check out these great faux ferns:

Elevate your space with flowers
My friend Layla from My Sunset Avenue posted her top picks for faux flowers, it’s definitely worth a read! [Click here]

Even dried flowers can pack a punch!

Look how this one stem of dried eucalyptus creates such a statement.

Elevate your space with flowers

Big blooms or simple stems of greenery feel organic and the pops of color help add warmth.

Check your local farmers’ markets, grocery stores and Costcos for the best deals. Splurging on roses and peonies can be nice occasionally, but save your money–my favorite arrangements are made up of ferns or iris fronds from my back yard. Having flowers around that you grew adds a wonderful personal touch. A few of the pictured arrangements came from my mother’s beautiful garden too! Get creative if you don’t have a large garden to cut from. Grab sprigs from your favorite shrubs or small trees and add in whatever might be blooming. Even Queen Anne’s lace is gorgeous sprawling out of a tall vase.

Elevate your space with flowers

Elevate your space with flowers

Elevate your space with flowers | Indigo & Honey

Quick Tip: If you’re lucky enough to grow hydrangeas in your yard (or decide to buy a bundle) and the begin to fade, soak the entire blooms in water and watch them come back to life! It can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Full tutorial here.

Choose bundles of one type of flower

From there, either make one large statement arrangement, or split up the bundle into smaller ones and place them in different size vases. It’s simple and so chic!

Elevate your space with flowersElevate your space with flowers

Elevate your space with flowers

What are your favorite flowers to have around the house? Tell me in the comments below! For more simple tips to elevate your space, check out this post.

Love, Brittany

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