Dorm Styling Roundup

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on August 4, 2015

I’m taking a quick break from the “How to make your home look more expensive” series to team up with and bring you some of my favorite tips for decorating dorms! I hope that you, a friend, or your kids will find this helpful!

Whether you’re a freshman this semester or graduating soon, it’s important to make your dorm a place you actually want to be! If you’re like me, you’re not impressed with the space as-is. It’s time to bring in some items to make it feel like home. Think, cozy, stylish and YOU. There are so many gimmick-y sources out there that design things just for dorms. The only things you really need that are exclusive to dorms are those extra-long twin sheets. Those are a MUST. Maybe even two sets, depending on how lazy you are with your laundry.

Here are my top tips for making your dorm room into a place that feels like home:

1. Bring in your own light. Chances are you have a window, which is lovely during the day, what’s better than natural light? But, it would be a terrible transition to turn on that fluorescent overhead light come sundown. No. Not for you, you’re going to bring in a table lamp or two, or three. And maybe some twinkle lights. The glow makes all the difference. You don’t have to spend a lot, either.

Sources for this room: Bedding / Area Rug / Striped Pillow / Floral Pillow / Copper Light / Faux Fur Throw / Wall ArtDorm Decorating Ideas | Indigo & Honey

More lighting options, on the cheap, available right now:  1     2    3    / 4    /


2. You need things that FEEL good. I’m talkin’ fuzzy rugs and big cozy quilts. Whether your room is tiled throughout, or they blessed you with that beautiful indoor/outdoor carpeting, it is NOT what you want welcoming you out of bed in the morning. Grab something soft for your feet to land on! You can shake it out every couple of weeks. Some budget-friendly options are below. What about IN the bed. This is the most important part of your dorm. You’re a busy college-student! After all those hours with your eyes glued to a computer screen and late nights out with your friends, you’ll want a big comfy spot to crash into to catch some zzz’s. So, look into those beech sheets (they sell them at Bed, Bath & Beyond) I had them all 4 years at college and loved them in the heat and the cold. Have a favorite comforter or quilt from home? Bring it. It’s worth having to make your space feel like you.

Sources for this room: Bedding / Area Rug / Sheepskin / Floor Pillow / Desk Chair / Light / Wall Art

Dorm Decorating Ideas | Indigo & Honey


More cozy options, available now:   1    2   3   /

3. A separate area to hang. Even if your room is tiny, and it probably is, it doesn’t have to be ALL about the bed. Even throwing a separate rug down by the door or in front of your closet can give you a spot to chill. Line the wall with some pillows if you’re really pressed for space. If you’re blessed with more, bring in a couple chairs or a little futon for your friends to hang with you.

 Sources for this room: Bedding / Area Rug / Pillow / Floor Pouf  / Lamp / Wall Tapestry


Dorm Decorating Ideas | Indigo & Honey

More:   1   2   3   /


4. Have one item that feels totally lux. It will make you feel special to have something that seems like a luxury. This one isn’t an essential. But it’s so fun. Imagine coming home and starting a paper with a faux fur throw wrapped around you, or a gold stapler? I’m not saying you have to spend a lot. But don’t necessarily buy something just because it’s made for a dorm. Look for things that you would have at home.

Sources for this room: Bedding / Area Rug / Desk Lamp / Floor Pouf / Desk Chair / Pillow / Wall Art


Dorm Decorating Ideas | Indigo & Honey

More lux options:   1    2   3   /


5. Multi-purpose items and storage. Okay, we know it’s tiny space and you probably have a lot of stuff. Make the most out of what you bring in. Instead of stashing dirty laundry under your bed, lift the bed and put some small dressers under there. Put your mini fridge under there. You might as well make the storage pieces you can see, nice to look at. So instead of big plastic bins, how about baskets? Here are some nice-looking options:

Dorm Storage | Indigo & Honey

Sources: Rattan Basket / Frame with Hooks / Metal Basket / Storage Ottoman / Metallic Baskets / Footlocker


6. Make it yours. Every student starts out with the same four walls (and hopefully a window!). It’s up to you to make it feel personal. Bring in some pieces that make it unique to you! What do you love? Are you outdoorsy? Are you an artist? Love gadgets? Whatever your passion and personality, make sure you show it off. This is your space! Here are some fun items to inspire you:

Sources: Clock Radio / Globe Lights / Embroidery Hoop / Copper Deer / I Like You Print / Hedgehog Lamp / Shimmer Pillow


Happy Shopping!

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