How to Combat the Clutter

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on December 28, 2015
How to combat clutter

It’s difficult to find the balance between creating moments of interest around your home and having just plain clutter. I love vignettes but I love minimalism too! I’m constantly taking things out and then putting things away. It’s empty! It’s cluttered! It’s empty… I want our house to feel lived-in, not like a museum, which is why I can’t commit to a totally minimalist style.  Here are a few things that have worked for me, as well as some spots I still struggle with!

They say you can’t and shouldn’t decorate your home all a once. And it’s true! It takes time to see what truly works. I love homes that feel collected and personal. That’s what I strive for. Slowly but surely I’m collecting pieces that I really love. I like that those pieces make up moments around our home that make you stop and look. The key, and trickiest part though, is to maintain the breathing room. Here are a few spots that are always changing.

How I battle clutter at home

I find it really helps when you give everything a place. Clutter means there’s stuff all over! Don’t want to see the remotes or extra chargers laying around? Hide them away in a drawer or a basket like we did in our TV table here.

How I battle clutter at home

When this basket doesn’t have pillows tossed into it, it actually is home to my husband’s extra socks or his current pajamas. I think it looks better than leaving them on the floor ;). It’s a huge basket too, it looks great and serves a purpose in our real life. It combats the clutter!

Combat the clutter!

The coffee table is constantly getting styled and then.. un-styled. I love how it looks empty like this photo, but I also enjoy putting on a tray full of candles and plants. Depends on my mood!
How I battle clutter at home

Similarly, our dining room table. Sometimes it is set completely with plates and napkins (and napkin rings even!) and other times I like it simplified, like this. Does anyone relate?

Combat the clutter!

As far as walls go… I find that it’s easier to let your home evolve when you don’t hang things on the walls right away. Though I’d love to, I find that I often change my mind before I put the nail in the wall. I’m always glad that I didn’t commit when I decide to change it up. The few things I’ve hung have been after living with them for awhile and still loving them. The mirror on the bar here, has been changed twice already. Combat the clutter!

Our bookshelf is the perfect place to play. You can add more, take things away, etc. Styling shelves is an evolution! But there’s no reason to keep them empty, so it’s a great place to be creative and to experiment.Combat the clutter!

When you do add stuff to your place, consider adding interest by layering old with new. It creates a story. Below is a brand new lamp sitting on top of an old wine box and a vintage brass container filled with pens and pencils.

Combat the clutter!

Not a lot of tips in today’s post.. more of a brain dump on this topic! I’d love to hear how you battle clutter in your homes… what’s your home style? Do you struggle with the balance too? Do you love cozy homes filled with lots of treasures or modern ones with simple and clean decor?

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Love, Brittany

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  • Elizabeth @ Rustic Maple

    I’m a home blogger and found my way here through Instagram. Your home is lovely. I struggle with the pretty vignette vs. too much often. Over the last year I have really worked on having a better idea of my design style (a rustic lakehouse/farmhouse mix.) Our home is headed in the direction I want now (considering quite a tight budget and some make do for now.) funny enough the not hanging things on the wall right away is something I have decided on with our bedroom and guest room that I’m painting this month. I don’t want to rush adding pieces as I wait to afford or find the linens I want. Long comment, but nice to find your blog.

    January 3, 2016 at 7:25 pm Reply
    • Brittany

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad to know others have the same battle–and trust me I understand the tight budget. I always shop sales and second-hand. I find the challenge exciting AND it forces you to be more creative which I think leads to a more authentic home. I’m glad you found the blog and I’m heading over to check yours out now! xo -Brittany

      January 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm Reply

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