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Den Details & Sources

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on August 12, 2016
Road to Minimalism

Thank you guys so much for the sweet comments and feedback on my ‘Vintage-Coastal Den Reveal’ last week! I’m so glad to have given some of you new ideas and inspiration. I know I shared some sources that went into decorating the den in my last POST, but there was so much that went into this space, I want to share even more of the sources and details. Continue reading

Make a photo mat from a snack box

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on June 20, 2016
Make a DIY Photo Mat

4 steps to a diy photo mat

The art on our walls makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. It can feel calm and soother, modern, or just plain old dated! It’s so easy to switch things up, but framing can be expensive–so work with what you have and try this trick for making your own photo mat!
Sometimes it’s the smallest items that hold the most value to us. An old photo of loved ones passed or little hand drawn pieces of art from your kids. Why not show off how important they are to you by making them the statement piece? Frame them up in a giant frame, add some drama! It’s a bit more unexpected and certainly draws people in to see what the tiny treasure is in such a big frame! Continue reading

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Beautiful farmhouse stairs on a budget

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on May 9, 2016
Beautiful Farmhouse Stairs on a Budget

A little background as to how we came up with our farmhouse stairs plan…

You may have already read all about the adventures of refinishing our 1940’s hardwood floors. (If you haven’t, click here) During that time, we were having new carpet installed on our second floor and we  debating if we wanted to carpet the stairs or not. Have you seen how the stairs looked when we found the house? They were country and cute, but dated. And this stair well gets very little light, so we knew we needed to infuse as much light as possible. The wallpaper was not helping… Continue reading

Elevate your space with upgraded curtain rods

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on May 4, 2016
Elevate your space with upgraded curtain rods


So much of design is in the details

A whole post about curtain rods… really? Yes. And here’s why. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned since buying our house and turning it into our dream home is to design with intention. Don’t just flounder around buying things to fill holes or to “get it done”. Each element effects the overall look and feel of a room, so I want to make it count. Continue reading

Successful DIY: Dusty carpet to beautiful hardwood floors

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on April 18, 2016
DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing

THE DAY we closed on this house, we pulled into the driveway all smiling and giggling. We go the front door and we immediately parted way opening up all the windows in the whole house and then quickly finding a corner of the carpet that we could lift. We wanted it OUT.  Let me seeeee those beautiful floors!! Let me at ’em!!

DIY hardwood floor transformationDIY hardwood floor transformation
We found beautiful red oak floors from 1949. We had a lot of work ahead of us. The carpet left behind a terrible residue all over the floors. Some kind of tar-based glue. It’s black, it’s sticky, and it WOULD NOT come off!

DIY hardwood floor transformation   DIY hardwood floor transformation

Hours and hours were comitted to removing this stuff because it couldn’t be sanded off. It gunked up any grit sand paper we tried. Paint thinner, vinegar, Murphy’s oil soap and so many other solutions were tried out to see if it would cut this substance. In the end, white vinegar was the most effective. The technique was so tedious. We would spread a layer of vinegar over an area of about 2 square feet and let it sit for about a minute to help it soak into the black tar. Then we’d go in with metal scrapers and plane it off and wipe it away. Move onto the next area.

Every night after work, and any vacation time I had, was spent scraping these floors. We bonded with the floors, we cursed at the floors. We had two bedrooms, a hallway, and the living room to work on. After a week we were finally done! The house smelled like a salad but it was time to start sanding!

DIY hardwood floor transformation

Family and friends came to our rescue and it was all hands on deck! Running (and blowing circuits) were a stand up sander that we rented for the day. My stepdad (and home renovation hero) was in charge of using this one, as he had refinished hardwood floors before. There was also a medium sized corner sander, which was also super heavy duty, and 3 or 4 hand sanders.

DIY hardwood floor transformation

DIY hardwood floor transformation

DIY hardwood floor transformation

The chaos out on our deck during this process…

DIY hardwood floor transformation

The biggest takeaway I had from this… adventure… was to BE PATIENT. This is not something you want to rush or cut corners on. Refinishing hardwood floors is a slow and tedious process. You have to strip them in multiple phases, heaviest grit sand paper, medium, fine and super fine. And that is with every single tool we had!

DIY hardwood floor transformation

Here’s a look at some of the used sand paper–as you can see from those dark streaks, not all of the black gunk had been completely removed. The vinegar didn’t work on every single spot, so we had to grind it off with a metal-bristle wheel and then sand it. It was painful to watch!11053893_10204715353578819_2375901029969289026_o

Couples who sand together, stay together 😉

DIY hardwood floor transformation

After two days of sanding and vacuuming (including the stairs–but that will be another post) we were ready to stain. We made a stain sample board to choose our color. (A sample board is just a scrap piece of red oak stripped down and then small swatches painted on next to each other so we could see how the color would truly look)

I thought we were going to go for a medium/dark toned stain but when we got to the see our floors raw and naked, we saw how great of shape they were in! There were no stains and the grain of the wood was so beautiful!

By the way, be super careful during this time–when the raw wood is exposed everywhere.

DIY hardwood floor transformation

We all wore booties on our shoes and no one was allowed to eat or drink on them because they would absorb and stain so easily.

We decided to go with a Natural Stain from Minwax.

One coat of that and 2 coats of Minwax Satin Poly later, we had beautiful glowing red oak floors!

DIY hardwood floor transformation

Here’s how our hardwoods look today, they’re holding up wonderfully and I am so in love with the warmth they bring to our house. DIY hardwood floor transformation

This was a huge project and I am so proud that we did it! The floors are not perfect, but they’re beautiful and they’re ours. My family and friends’ help was invaluable. I don’t know if I can ever repay them for all their hard work, sweat and back aches that they put in to this!

Have you any tips to add about refinishing old wood floors? I’d love to hear them 🙂 And if you know anyone looking to take on this project, share this!

Thanks so much for spending time here today.

DIY Edible Garden

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Love, Brittany

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Turning down the noise and getting outside!

Posted in Gardening, Lifestyle
on July 4, 2015

Dirt under my nails. Sweat on my brow. Fresh air in my lungs! I haven’t spent a day outside getting dirty in, I don’t know how long! I woke up to SUCH a beautiful day. The sun was shining already  and a breeze was blowing the sheers on our windows. It was so peaceful…. and cool! It couldn’t have been warmer than 60 degrees. We’ve been in the house about a month now and I have yet to spend a day in the garden.

Gardening with Indigo & Honey

(This was not the plan for my day off, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t put another thought into it.) I pulled out the wheel barrow, gloves and tools from the garage. We have huge drifts of ferns in our backyard along the rock wall. I couldn’t be happier that they’re there, but they needed a little TLC. It would be a crime to let them be taken over by the weeds and vines! Continue reading