A thoughtful dinner party

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on January 16, 2016

Taking a little break from my usual decor posts, I thought it’d be fun to share how we like to enjoy our home and share it with others!

My mom’s birthday recently passed and we threw her a small dinner party at our house with all her favorites, as simple as they may be. We had a fire in the fireplace, candles all around and smells of a home-cooked meal in the air. Being her birthday, we of course, had to spoil her a bit as she always does us. We went with her favorite menu, a chicken dish with a lemon, shallot cream sauce, side of veggies, white wine, and her favorite “Orange Bliss Cake” for dessert.A thoughtful dinner party | Indigo & Honey
If you’re interested in the Lemon Chicken recipe, let me know! I’d be happy to share.

The cake has become a birthday tradition for us; it’s so simple to make and always get devoured. I’ve shared the recipe later in this post :).

Here’s the birthday girl…

A thoughtful dinner party | Indigo & Honey

Aside from the food, I wanted it to feel special and sentimental so I laid out a bunch of old photos, bought pink and red flowers and balloons and made up a playlist of all her favorite songs, old and new. She knew it was all about her the moment she came in–perfect.

A thoughtful dinner party | Indigo & Honey

Mom’s English and a big tea drinker, so I though it’d be cute to use this teapot to hold the flower. It’s such a whimsical centerpiece, I will definitely be repeating the idea.

A thoughtful dinner party | Indigo & Honey A thoughtful dinner party | Indigo & Honey

Here’s the cake, complete with blackberries.

I’m eating the last piece of this cake as I write this post, haha! I posted the recipe here.

Orange Bliss Cake | Indigo & Honey      Lazy Girl's Orange Bliss Cake

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you guys! What are you favorite ways to entertain? Any good dessert recipes I should know about?


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  • Jill Weber

    You are an amazing daughter and your Momma is so lucky. You two are a special gift that keeps giving. Beautiful!

    January 17, 2016 at 9:18 pm Reply
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