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December 2015

How to Combat the Clutter

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on December 28, 2015
How to combat clutter

It’s difficult to find the balance between creating moments of interest around your home and having just plain clutter. I love vignettes but I love minimalism too! I’m constantly taking things out and then putting things away. It’s empty! It’s cluttered! It’s empty… I want our house to feel lived-in, not like a museum, which is why I can’t commit to a totally minimalist style.  Here are a few things that have worked for me, as well as some spots I still struggle with!
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Our Home for the Holidays

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on December 7, 2015

I look forward to this time of year as soon as October hits New England. The crisp in the air, the early nights. I love having an excuse to stay home all bundled up. (I’m also the first one to jump into Spring mode on March 1st, but that’s beside the point)

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