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September 2015

How-to care for your house plants

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on September 29, 2015

Our first place was seriously lacking character and warmth. Even when we brought in furtniture and window treatments, it still felt so bare! Enter my first houseplant. A little Christmas Cacuts! I loved having it and quickly added more. Now, in our house, we have a bit of a jungle going on.

Spring Refresh by Indigo and Honey

They’re all thriving here! Plants are a great alternative to fresh cut flowers, because they last so much longer which, in turn, costs less. You know I love that.

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23 Free Fall Printables

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on September 13, 2015

Fall brings the best feelings! What’s better than cozying up inside with a fire and cider when it’s cold outside. Or chucking on some boots and heading out for apple and pumpkin picking? As an October baby, Fall has always been a favorite season of mine. The change in weather here, in New England, brings excitement. It’s a opportunity for change and new things. It’s right around the corner–we’ve been able to sleep with the windows open lately because there is a touch of cool. What’s better? Continue reading